Two tips for couples who have hired wedding videographers

Here are two tips a couple should follow if they've hired a videographer for their upcoming wedding.

They should clearly communicate their expectations to the wedding videographer

It's very important for any couple in this situation to have a discussion with their chosen videographer, in which they clearly communicate their expectations. For example, if a couple wants their wedding video to have a documentary-style feel, and to capture many candid, personal moments throughout their wedding day, they must clearly express this to the videographer. This will ensure that this professional understands that in addition to capturing the more formal moments of the ceremony and the reception, they and their team also need to be on the lookout for the brief, spontaneous moments of delight and love that the couple and their guests may share on this special day.

Similarly, if a couple plans to have a wedding that features a lot of the traditions or rituals from their cultural background, they should clarify to the videographer the points of the wedding at which these traditional moments will happen. This will ensure that this professional will know the time at which they'll need to redirect their focus to the area of the venue where these things will be taking place, so they can capture them with their recording equipment.

They should talk to the videographer about their approach to post-production and editing work

A couple who has hired a wedding videographer must also talk to this professional about his or her approach to post-production and editing work. Whilst the capturing of the wedding footage is very important, the manner in which the videographer works with the footage during the post-production stage is just as crucial, as it will affect the overall aesthetic of the final video.

During this conversation, the couple should ask the videographer about the type of transitions they use to join together edited clips, the special effects they usually include and the type of colour grading they prefer. They should also discuss what techniques the videographer typically uses to ensure the video flows nicely and is well-paced, and they should ask them about which specific points in the video they plan to incorporate the couple's chosen music pieces. If there are any elements of the videographer's typical editing style that don't quite align with the couple's own preferences, the couple can then work with this professional to come up with suitable alternatives. 

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